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What We Do

Founded in June 2019, the Value Technology Foundation is a new 501c(3) non-profit think tank dedicated to supporting advocacy, research and development (R&D), application, and education in the blockchain and distributed ledger sector. Our mission is to enable blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DTL) to be effectively implemented in the United States and abroad.

>> Advocate for advancement of blockchain and related technologies

>> Partner with legislators and regulators to provide key policy prescriptions

>> As a think thank, our organization helps influences policymakers through in-person educational and charitable benefits advancing blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies


>> Develop sector-specific guidelines and specifications to facilitate adoption of effective blockchain and DLT applications in specific sectors


>> Apply for research grants to further blockchain and related technology implementation

Research & Development

>> Partner with congress to create blockchain federally-funded research and  development Centers (FFRDCs)

>> Pursue  government and private grants to facilitate blockchain/related research

>> Conduct other independent research  to be published in white papers and elsewhere

>> Assist sponsors with R&D objectives


>> Provide timely industry updates and professional development opportunities

>> Educate lawmakers and legislators and their staffs on technologies

>> Facilitate educational opportunities for students (including internships and training)

>> Provide thought leadership